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Case 1: Steve, 60 years old, has red face and brown spots on face.

Problem: sun damage skin on face, Rosacea and broken veins on cheeks, nose and chin.

Assessment: Jim has spent a long time in the sun with no sun protection. He has no current skin treatment. He has broken veins on his face and lentigines (brown spots) due to sun exposure. I recommended products that address the redness on his face due to broken capillarity, and treatments to improve the redness and brown spots.

Goal : He wants  his face to look 'smoother' and not 'stained'.



1. Daily moisturiser: Gerovital Anti-Couperose Cream + SPF 15 cream whenever exposure to sun.
See recommended product>>

2. Weekly and before laser treatment to increase light penetration: Gerovital Evolution Enzymatic Exfoliator. See recommended product>>

3. When travelling, or in winter when there is a rapid change of temperature or whenever skin feeling dry and flaky + post laser treatment: Calendula Balm. See recommended product>>

Treatment: I first addressed the redness on his face and the change in pigmentation caused by long exposure to the sun, by using the Limelight IPL. See recommended treatment>> 

I advised and explained the need for high SPF whenever in the sun and doing sports, in order to prevent future changes in pigmentation ( 3 treatments).

This treatment also helped with improved texture and a more youthful look. I then addressed the more visible broken veins on cheek, nose and chin  by using the CoolGlide NdYAg laser ( 2 treatments). See recommended treatment>>

Outcome : At the end of the treatment Jim expressed that he was very happy with his face that looked “ smooth and clean” and his colleagues have noticed he looks younger. 


Case 2 : Anne , 54 years old, works in an artistic environment with younger people.

Problem: tired looking skin and laxity of skin around the lower face and neck.

Assessment: Her skin is looking dull with large pores, fine wrinkles,  and loose jaw and neck skin. To increase the absorption  of heat at the time of the treatment I recommended Anne  uses a gentle exfoliator on the day or the day before the treatment.  

As Anne complained of dry , tired looking skin, I recommended the Gerovital Evolution for age 45+ which is a heavier product suitable for dry skin, the morning and night cream in combination with the serum that would help with the penetration of the cream and is full of anti-aging ingredients.

Goal: Anne would like to look younger and not so tired in the mornings



1. Daily : - Morning: Gerovital Evolution 45+Anti Wrinkle. See recommended product>>

                and Gerovital Perfect Antiaging SerumSee recommended product>>

             - Evening : Gerovital Evolution 45+ Anti Aging Restructuring Cream. 
                   See recommended  product>>

2. Weekly : Gerovital Enzymatic Exfoliator.

Treatment: to improve the texture of the skin I  carried out 6 Lasergenesis treatments at an interval of 2-4 weeks. See recommended treatment>>

At the same time I addressed the laxity of the skin by using Titan Infrared Light for collagen stimulation and tightening of skin. See recommended treatment>>

Outcome: At the end of the treatment Anne was delighted with the results , she expressed that friends noticed her skin and that she looked like she just had a holiday! the skin had an even tone and friends commented about her complexion. She feels more confident about working along young people.


Case 3: Miranda 25 years old suffering from acne and Rosacea. 

Problem: acne scarring, outbreaks of acne and Rosacea on cheeks , nose and chin

Assessment: Miranda has been seen by a dermatologist who recommended a course of antibiotics. After finishing the treatment she came to see me for improvement of her acne skin and outbreak of Rosacea. She had enlarged pores, acne scarring and sensitive skin. 

I recommended the skin products taken into account Miranda’s sensitive and acne  skin. The clay in the Aslavital Products has anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. A weekly exfoliator is  needed to reduce the dead cells and to give a brighter glow to the skin and stimulate collagen production. I recommended the Calendula Balm whenever  the temperature is very cold and she feels her face is “burning”.

Goal: Miranda wanted to have less noticeable scarring and fewer outbreaks of Rosacea



1. Daily: Aslavital Daily Cream +Aslavital Antiwrinkle Serum. See recommended product>>

2. Weekly : Gerovital Enzymatic Exfoliator . See recommended product>>

3. When skin burning and in cold temperature: Calendula Balm.

Treatment:A combination of Limelight IPL for superficial redness. See recommended treatment>> 

and Lasergenesis for deeper skin redness and acne scarring ( 6 treatments) . This improved the overlook  of her skin, texture , fine lines and enlarged pores. See recommended treatment>>

Outcome: Miranda has had fewer outbreaks of Rosacea and she felt the treatment helped control her condition much better. She did not turn so red when having a  glass of red wine and her face did not burn like it used to, whenever exposed to the sudden  changes of temperature.  






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